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Touch Points

Whether you own the only funeral home in town or compete with others, our TouchPoints will help you be more successful and profitable.  We offer TouchPoints for your client families, as well as the community at large.  Our own funeral homes have gained market share as a result of these strategies and we can help you do the same.  Take a look at all our offerings and then contact us to discuss what we can do to help you.


Family Follow-Up Survey

There is no better feedback than from those you serve. Paying close attention to comments about your facilities, how their loved one looked, and perception of value received after using your services is important to better your business. Our goal is a 50% response rate and we achieve this or close to it every year. This is due to factors including the short length of the survey and providing a self-addressed envelope with a stamp to return it in. For firms like ours with multiple roof tops and several Funeral Directors, we developed a management dashboard using responses received. We evaluate customer satisfaction levels by Director and chapel location. For our Directors we tie incentive compensation to these results which has been invaluable in helping us achieve outstanding customer satisfaction.


Cards To Informant & Extended Family

Simple acts of kindness such as sending a card can help increase your Funeral Home’s image in the community. Cards can be sent to thank the family for allowing you to serve them, letting them know you are thinking about them on the birthday of the decedent, recognizing their loss during the holidays or at the one year anniversary of the death, or recognizing a veteran’s service on Memorial Day to name a few. We offer water color and contemporary cards that are tastefully done using fine card stock. Your assigned CMS administrator will print and mail the cards for you, saving time and money.


Letters To Informant & Extended Family

Our pre-need funding partner’s research tells us 7 of 10 families who prepay do so within a year after attending a funeral or memorial event. Our letter program was designed to leverage this research. The contact management service administrators prepare and send out these letters. They also look up addresses of relatives with a minimum of information found in most obituaries including name, city of residence and spouse’s name. The letters sent are designed to educate the recipient regarding prearrangement and include a reply card. Your assigned CMS administrator will print and mail the letters for you, saving you time and money. This service roughly doubles our walk-in/call-in volume at our funeral homes.


Pet Families

We appreciate the input of our customers and we are always open to new ideas on how to best serve you. One example of this is the addition of our service to pet owners.  We have developed a survey, sympathy card and letter that can be sent to your pet families. This is a way to perform a simple act of kindness by sending it to the pet owner.  Having the contact information in the CMS also makes it easy to send an invitation to an event recognizing their loss. This event can include the local Animal Rescue League.


Veterans Flag Drop, Letters and Seminars for Veterans

We learned about the veteran flag drop from one of our valued customers and liked it very much. Implementing it in the Iles firms has been a great image builder for us within the veteran community.  Through mainly print ads the community is asked to drop off their worn United States flags at one of our facilities. We place the worn flag with a deceased veteran during the cremation process. We provide the donor a thank you card and lapel pin when they drop off the donated flag.  Recipient families are given a certificate explaining what was done to honor their veteran during the cremation process. We receive terrific feedback regarding this program. In addition to this we offer a seminar in conjunction with our Iowa Veterans Cemetery. These have been well attended with attendees expressing appreciation for the information provided.


Lunch & Learns

We generate leads for prearrangement sales in a variety of ways. One way is with lunch and learns. We find that most who attend our events are not in our contact management database even though we have actively marketed our area for well over two decades. This demonstrates the reason we feel it is important to market the community in different ways. We also find these are a great image builder for the funeral home. We use Valpak to advertise these events so our name is in the many thousands of homes who receive Valpak. For communities that are not serviced by Valpak, we use newspaper prints ads as well as inserts to advertise these events. Another variation of this same theme is coffee and conversation.


Direct Mail

As we complete reviews for our own Funeral Homes as well as those of our customers, broadcast direct mail is almost always the top generator of pre-need leads. We help our customers tailor a direct mail program to meet their needs. Target groups often include veterans, female head of household or those nearing retirement to name a few. In addition, we assist customers using our CMS platform in spending the least amount of money on direct mail by removing those who have already prearranged, as well as leads actively being worked.


Newspaper Ads

While we realize newspaper readership is trending down nationally, in many markets the obituary page still has a loyal following. As a result, we continue to use print ads to advertise many of the programs. We also employ a graphic designer on our team who helps our customers create custom pieces as requested.


Contact Management System (CMS)


Most would agree successfully managing TouchPoints helps differentiate you from your competition. Yet with so many other responsibilities, staying on top of this is easier said than done. Unlike most CMS offerings, we provide our system turn-key. This means we assign one of our administrators (seen in picture) to maintain your TouchPoints. Imagine you don’t have to print and prepare letters and cards to mail…we do it for you. We even pay for postage, reply cards and brochures providing you significant savings over time. Our customers can access their calendar of TouchPoints using our online web portal anywhere, anytime from any device. Our CMS is truly best in class.


Cremation Presentation Tool

This electronic tool is a way to help our arrangers more effectively present cremation options to families served at-need and pre-need. Like anything new, this tool can be scary to use at first. With practice, however, it is very effective and positively enhances the customer experience. Families like it because it simplifies the process. They don’t have to guess what the total cost will be. This allows them to choose services they might have otherwise thought beyond their reach budget wise. The use of pictures helps them understand the options being offered as opposed to trying to explain them with words only. All this results in more satisfied cremation customers who buy more services.


Expressions Digital Registry

We invested in this technology because our Funeral Directors were asked by families for help writing thank you’s following the service. We are now able to present the family mailing labels for all who attended events for their loved one. We can also produce multiple original copies of the registration book. It is a nice keepsake for each family member to have an original copy of the guest book. This tool enhances your image in the community, differentiating you from your competition in a positive way.


Web Portal

Our Contact Management System can be accessed through our web portal on any device, at any time and from anywhere. By entering a simple login and password you can see all your TouchPoints, past history, and action steps. Communications can be sent standard mail, or by e-mail depending upon the preference of the individual receiving the communication.



Our Contact Management System Manager Heather Smith has created e-learning modules to help our customers make the most of our CMS tool. The modules include a variety of topics relevant to the CMS tool and can be viewed as often as you like.







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