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"The webinars are something I look forward to each session.  Since the counselors are all over the US, it's a convenient way to bounce new ideas off each other.  The presenters are very knowledgeable, entertaining and helpful.  Many of the counselors on the webinar have many years of experience in this field, and me being one of the newbies, it gives me a chance to become more experienced in Advanced Funeral Planning in the comfort of my office."


– Lori Schwartman


To sign up for webinars please email Jen Fattig: jenfattig@preneedsystems.com.



Contact Management System:


"The CMS is the greatest tool I have seen since being in the funeral business.
It is very user-friendly, and keeps me on point."


– Jimmy Wiles



Iles Strategic Partners:


"Our relationship with PreNeed Systems has been a great partnership. We have contact with the staff at PreNeed Systems on a daily basis.The staff is so wonderful at assisting us with our pre-need and at-need families.The service they provide is impeccable and we are honored to work together with PreNeed Systems to serve our families. Getting to know Mark Iles and Mike Iles through PreNeed Systems, has recently lead to a great business consulting relationship. It has been so fulfilling to really dig into our financials and truly begin to understand our numbers. Mark and Mike have brought so much knowledge to the table and they both have helped us adjust our pricing to maximize our business potential. Together, we have evolved a great process of accountability and communication and this system has allowed us to stay on top of our expenses and our income. Our quarterly phone conferences have given us reassurance that we are on the right path, not only with the financial aspect of our business, but also the ways in which we serve our families. The knowledge they both provide has been a great boost to our company. We are very thankful for our relationship and look forward to many years of working with the Iles family."


– Jennifer Tilghman



Counselor Meetings:


"The counselor meetings are a great way to develop relationships with other counselors, learn from them, and share in each other’s success. I enjoy the time spent at these meetings very much."


– Sharon Griffin



Traning and Support:


“From day one both Paul and Lori have been very patient and always willing to help and answer as many questions as I have.  I can’t thank them enough for their time and commitment to helping me achieve my goals!”


– Mandy Hafner.



Turnkey Services:


"We have appreciated our relationship with you and Homesteaders, and the opportunity your services and their products afford families to honor their loved ones appropriately when the time comes, as well as funeral homes such as ours to secure business long term."


– Brad Hawn










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