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PreNeed Systems was founded in 1988 by Mark Iles. That year he left a successful  career in Dallas, TX selling life insurance for Principal Financial Group and at the request of his dad Chuck Iles returned to the family’s funeral homes located in Des Moines, Iowa. His initial assignment: build the funeral home’s pre-arrangement sales program in response to a competitive threat.


While successfully completing this task, Mark was mentored by his dad who, as an accomplished piano player, frequently said to touch the keys softly and often. Mark took this philosophy and soon began to offer his services to other family owned funeral homes located in the state of Iowa. Not long after, Mark’s brother Mike and his wife Kim started a branch of PreNeed Systems serving funeral homes located in Texas.


From these humble beginnings, PreNeed Systems has helped independently owned funeral homes add over $1 Billion (yes with a “B”) in prefunded funeral arrangements to their files. We offer TouchPoints designed to enhance relationships with your client families as well as the community at large. Since we are Funeral Home owners ourselves, we know the demands of running a successful funeral practice. As a result, we created program design options for funeral homes of all sizes using our custom designed contact management system with human administrators who manage the implementation of Touchpoint strategies for our customers.


Whether you own the only funeral home in town or compete with others, PreNeed System’s TouchPoints will help you be more successful and profitable. Our own funeral homes have gained market share as a result of these strategies and we can help you do the same. It’s worth your time to email us or give us a call to learn more about how we can help you.


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